Product Design and Management

We are able to offer a bespoke design and project management service based upon our considerable experience and success within both the UK and overseas HVAC market. We take a pride in being open minded and highly innovative, and believe the customer should have an input as a partner throughout the design process.

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Service and Commissioning

We have a UK and European team of skilled and experienced service and commissioning engineers all of which are fully trained and have the relevant ACS qualifications. We are able to offer full technical support from breakdown cover right through to planned maintenance programmes.

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Finance Leasing and Lease Purchase Plans

We work closely with specialist partners who can arrange the most competitive finance packages geared specifically to be flexible and to suit customer requirements, thereby allowing you to obtain the benefits from spreading the cost over a period to suit your business and your cash flow. We appreciate that your business is your business and there are many demands on working capital, by working with specialist finance partners we will be able to offer individual plans to suit your business and allow you to deploy working capital in the most effective way. By using a unique and totally flexible plan, offered at the most competitive rates, means you are able to plan your business and achieve more rapid growth and expansion. It means you can move into new markets with new products and spread the outlay over a flexible period of time while you are earning revenue from these new markets and new products making the package self financing and providing planned and managed growth whilst also giving profit yields from day one.

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AHU Design and Manufacture

We manufacture Air Handling Units for specific clients and we also manufacture certain of the key components within the AHU, such as Heat Exchange Modules. The range of air volumes is from 0.85m3/s to 40m3/s, and the units are configured so as to be suitable for internal and external applications within both the environmental and process sectors. Part of our unique whole of life care programme means we are able to offer anything from a brand new AHU, right through to planned maintenance, total refurbishment, and key component or full unit replacement.

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