Equipment is marketed under three generic product groups; namely, power, light, and climate control. All El-Bjorn production is carried out within their modern factory in Sweden, where the company is market leader, and has earned an enviable reputation for the quality and integrity associated with the El-Bjorn brand.  The three product groups all combine the best principles of aesthetic design matched with high quality, strength, longevity, and reliability, and all El-Bjorn products are designed and built to last and are supplied with a 5 year peace of mind warranty as standard.

Assemblies for Construction Sites
Transformer centres
Multiple outlet sockets
Fixed outlet socket centres
Cabel defender

Anti-glare workplace lighting
Emergency Lighting
Stand for workplace lighting
Transformer Centres

Heater fans
Building dehumidifier
Heating and drying fan systems
Drying room products
Industrial dehumidifier
aggressive Environments
Air cleaner

5-year warranty

El-Björn complete range meets the relevant requirements of European Norm. The highest quality in design and material. Now with 5 year warranty.